Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giveaway Week Two & Modern Fall Leaf Tutorial

Congratulations Ethne!  Please send us your mailing address by emailing
You will be receiving MQR 101 Modern Pickle Relish after October 6th.  Thank you for commenting from afar.

Jill and I attended a gallery quilt show of Linda Andeberg's at the Ankeny Art Center.  Linda was a long time member of the Contemporary Quilting group we facilitated.  It was remarkable.  Particularly because she comes to quilting from a painting background.  It is wonderful to see her paintings side by side with her collage quilts and print techniques.  She is disciplined in her details and techniques.  The show runs until September 30th.  We encourage you to take a look.

Speaking of followers, Sarah has posted two quilts on our flickr site.  Thanks and who will be next???

Modern Fall Leaf Tutorial

1.  From four fat quarters (Batiks in our case) in a range of values cut 12 inch squares.
2.  Place your four squares right sides up, one on top of the other.
3.  Cut a simple leaf shape with gentle curves through the middle of your squares.

4.  Cut down the center of the leaf shape.
5.  Rearrange.  One of each fabric will be in your new square.
6.  With the needle clear over to the right, and a 2.5 stitch length sew the leaf shapes into the background.  You might take a larger seam if there is a lot of puckering.  Press (into submission.)
7.  Stack a pair right sides up, layering one side overlapping the other, cut down the middle to make them fit one one another.

8.  For a little center definition, add a 3/4 - 1 inch strip of one of the background colors.  Lay this under one side and cut along the leaf so that you can make the center vein fit.  Sew.
9.  Than add the other half of your leaf matching the endpoints as much as possible.  Sew along the leaf and the background. You will end up with a block.  Sections will not match and you might have to do some creative finishing with deeper seams and pressing.
10.  Trim freehand.  No rulers.
So this week's giveaway will be our second pattern, MQR 102 Bowtie Pasta with a Twist.  Enter the drawing by posting a picture of a quilt on our flickr site.  It can be following our leaf tutorial, a quilt you have in progress, or a completed project.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

See you Tuesday.


  1. Thank you so very much for the giveaway gift, you are both very generous in sharing you patterns and your quilting talent/s.
    WOW I LOVE this block - it is so me in every way at present - the batiks, the colours and the leaf design - I'm currently practising in improving my FMQ skills using a leaf design, and, just last weekend was at a workshop using silk rods, fleece etc and each design I did was based on a leaf.

  2. Aspen Hill,
    Got your message-no email address included on yahoo/flickr. You are now part of the flickr group so please post a photo--your chances of winning a new pattern are good!!! The new patterns will be posted after October 9th.

  3. Thanks! I look forward to seeing the patterns!


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