Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conversations with Modern Quilts & Leftovers Reheating

Marny here...we keep Cherrywood Fabrics on our radar. Recently Karla Overland blogged about a quilt show she is part of.  The name of the show sent my wheels spinning: Conversations with Cloth.  The title really resonated with me and I have been turning it over in my mind since reading it.

I have conversations with my cloth and my projects as I work.  Sometimes the conversations are kind of cranky, especially when a new design is posing too many challenges.  But mostly the fabric calms me as I cut, seam and press.  Holding fabric is comforting.  So is that a conversation?  If a conversation is a give and take I'd say giving cloth a new life and taking comfort in that qualifies.  Years in the quilt store have taught me that LOTS of people need to come in and pet the fabric to bring them happy moments in an otherwise stressful or unpleasant day.  It is a conversation of comfort that we are all part of.

Using the term conversation more precisely gets trickier. There is a dialogue between the artist/quilter and their creation and there is a dialogue the observer can become a part of.  The projects in the show clearly would inspire the spectator to respond....and isn't that what a conversation is?

And speaking of conversations, more comments please.

Here is an easy one for anyone to respond to.  Why do you sew?  

You can comment below or email us.  Our email is as follows.

Now for Leftovers Reheating.....In cleaning my sewing room not too long ago, the remaining scraps from our original Leftovers pattern resurfaced.

They are intriguing little bits and pieces.  I decided to trim them down, sew them in pairs and see what I come up with.

There is no way to tell until the sewing is done how close it will it be to what I imagine.  I will keep playing with them and will share the result in a later post.

The winner from last week's blog post is eschhousequilts 
Which pattern you would like? Thanks to everyone for participating and please keep the comments coming.  We love the conversation.

....and remember to comment on why you sew?
till Tuesday.



  1. I do like the 'Leftovers Heating' panel and I look forward to seeing how it developes

  2. Thank you. It will be fun to see it become something.

  3. Ooh! I can't believe I won! It is a hard choice between Modern Pickle Relish and Leftovers, but I think I'll go with Modern Pickle Relish. I'll send you an email with my address.

    Why do I sew? So many reasons - the feel of the fabric is definitely one of them. Also, working with the colors and the whole creative process just feeds my soul. The sense of touch and the cuddle factor are so important in making a quilt. Sewing feels so much more approachable to me than another creative outlet like painting. Maybe because I was never very good in Art class :) There is also something very elemental about making things you can use.

  4. I sew because it makes me happy to make a quilt for a family member or good friend and see their reaction. I often times don't tell them they are getting a Lynn quilt, which makes it even better. I had no skill in Art class either but I can sew beautiful quilts and love every minute of it.

  5. I sew because I have sewn for 50 years and can't imagine not wanting to sew. Should I sew a craft item, a quilt, a tablerunner, or a special gift for someone or to have on hand just incase? I sew because it gives me a reason to get my "work" done so I can do something I enjoy. I sew because I can sew alone or with a group. I sew because the process from selecting fabrics to finishing the item gives me enjoyment and satisfaction.

  6. Why do I sew? It would have to be because of the beautiful fabrics and the inspiration I get from them. I love to create in fabric.

  7. I sew for the peace and quiet. My sewing machine doesn't yell at me, doesn't ask for anything in return, doesn't want help with homework, doesn't need me to do the laundry or cook dinner, nothing.

    I sew to create. I sew to turn nothing into something. I sew to pass on a little piece of myself. I sew to transform a pile of old clothes into something to make a grown person cry.

    I sew because I love it and can't imagine doing anything else.

  8. To quilt, I sew. Therefore, to me, quilting is an approved passion.

  9. I sew because I enjoy it and always have. But I _quilt_ because I want something to give to others and to leave behind when I am gone that others can value and take comfort from.

  10. I sew because I must... I can't draw or paint, I never had the opportunity to make pottery, but sewing door has always been open. I thrive on being able to make a quilt and have someone enjoy it.


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