Tuesday, January 4, 2011

to market, to market.....


jill here....Post holiday..... the calories, the cleanup, the cold, but most of all, the procrastination.  A lot has been on hold through this holiday season but the good news is that we will be vending at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City (May 13-15, 2011).  We have so many ideas we can't keep up with them.  For certain, we will have many new patterns to launch.  It will be our first exhibit to a wholesale market and we are excited!

Business marketing has been a challenge so it will be good to be seen by a larger audience.  We're working on more samples to offer trunk shows.  Like most, our quilts are even better seen and touched!  So stayed tuned for the specifics if you have a favorite shop that might benefit from our new, modern designs.

There was some time this past weekend to sew some samples of "Flatbread".  The runner size makes completion fast and achievable.  It was enjoyable to take a break from design decision making and just sew a well written pattern.  I collect a lot of batiks so it was nice to actually use some stash!  Batik's blendable nature works well for the transparency in this quilt.  Now they're off to the machine quilter and out of my hands for awhile.

Flatbread closeup

So, for the next couple of weeks, we would like to hear from you. Please comment on what you think makes a good pattern?   I could fill your mind with lots of ideas but I won't.  You are the audience that likes individual, original design but you occasionally must buy some patterns and books for certain reasons....

We will offer a free pattern, of your choice, from a random drawing of contributers.  We might even spring for more freebies if there are lots of comments....If you don't want to comment online, you may email us.    here   Let us know what you're thinking!

off to the future....
'till next Tuesday!


  1. Oh I really like what you've done with that batik fabric - but remember to do alternatives for the show.
    What's best - well for any beginners something which is simple to piece and quick to give stunning results.
    Try doing a range of your simple, modern, stylish patterns using minimal patterned fabrics - you know many of us have a few FQ's of any range so that quilters can slash their stash as no doubt many will be counting the pennies this year.

  2. Your batik choices lend a simple sophistication to this runner. The quilting will be the special touch. I have your bowtie pasta and flatbread patterns. I like your idea of working with bigger pieces for a project. Look forward to hearing about your new ideas!

  3. Congratulations on going to Quilt Market! I'm sure your patters will be a big success there.

  4. The picture has to capture my attn. If the quilt is made up using boring drab colors I probably won't make the quilt no matter how cute the pattern is. Make sense? Country blues and reds are out, batiks are in, way in. Can't wait to hear how Market goes. Have fun.

  5. Your new patterns are nice. I've even got one to make. What I would really like to see on the pattern cover (front or back) is a second color option. There are so many patterns I would never try because of the color choice. But if I see them made up in other colorways, I might love them. I think offering more color options would be a great way to sell patterns.


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