Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forget the rug and let's just say "cute as a bug in a quilt!"

Marny here...I was lucky enough to teach Modern Quilt Relish's Leftovers pattern this past Friday at the Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa.  The students and I were very productive. One quilt almost got completed and two more were well underway by the time class ended.  Wish you all could have joined us.  It is such fun to share our patterns with others.

It is easier to be an effective teacher when you have examples of most of the steps sewn up to demonstrate with.  You can see when you scroll down the left sidebar of this blog that the two samples on the cover of the Leftovers pattern use a textured, relatively plain background fabric while the plaid/stripes are made up of a variety of prints.  My teaching sample took a different design direction.

I started with a really fun nondirectional print of bugs for the background.  I'd seen the bolt the day it arrived at the store and felt inspired to use it in Leftovers. Some fabrics just cry out to be used!
This was followed up with seven solids from my stash at home.
A little cutting, sewing, cutting and sewing and the quilt was well underway.
And here is the top all sewn together.  I'm eager to see it quilted and bound.  And I can't wait to share the completed quilt with you all and everyone who will see our trunk shows and meet us as Spring Quilt Market.  
Till Tuesday.


  1. I quilted Ronda's this past weekend that she made in your class. It turned out beautiful! I love the pattern.

  2. How cute is that! Now I am inspired to dig around in my kid fabric stash and do something similar. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Just love this sample! Thank you for sending me the patterns.
    I want to buy them for the shop!
    Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

  4. I love it - my sister is adopting a little boy from Russia is a few months and it would be a fun way to welcome him to our family. Thanks for sharing.


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