Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modern Quilts Call for Modern Measures.....

Literally cutting through red tape.
Marny here... I should be sewing, pattern writing, and otherwise thinking important thoughts.  Unfortunately Verizon invited me to order an iPhone and the meanies sent it early.  I wasn't supposed to receive it until after the 18th.  Plans for major productivity were in place. Oops.
Don't you love the code with the target in the center?  Quilt design maybe?
 Instead I have spent hours on learning everything I could ahead of time about the iPhone.  I have high hopes for it helping me attend to Modern Quilt Relish business details.  So much business is conducted on line these days that a smart phone seems essential.  The iPhone is the smartest phone of them all (we are an Apple family afterall) so I waited until Verizon finally announced they would be carrying iPhones.  AT&T does not have the best coverage in some portions of the country that I often find myself in.  If you haven't seen it yet here is a fun John Stewart video of how a lot of AT&T iPhone users feel.  Verizon has yet to prove itself. I have my fingers crossed.
The set up was a cinch.

So hopefully I can learn to post on the run, take photos and videos and place those on the blog and flickr sites, send invoices, run credit cards for customers at quilt shows, and in a pinch even use it as a telephone.  Dozens of other uses will appear with time.  So I will keep prodding and learning.

Prodding and learning is not confined to technology. Designing our contemporary and modern quilts takes some prodding and learning as well.  The idea for a quilt is just the very beginning of the process.  Design direction, scale, fabrics, pattern feasibility and much more needs to be hammered out.  The process is sometimes easy and occasionally painful, but always a rewarding learning experience.
...and every time I look at my phone I can enjoy the crashing surf ...
returning Tuesday.


  1. Not quite an iPhone but last week I got my first 'smart' phone a Samsung Wave - lots to play with and download, but still getting to grips with it
    Enjoy your iPhone

  2. Marny, your iphone sounds incredibly useful to you! Have fun playing, i.e. discovering.


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