Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Experiment for "fun", grrr...

Marny here...Sometimes a little bit of an idea pops into your head.  This time it started with a method for making half square triangles.  But wonder if you don't care if there are straight lines, or equal portions, or matching anything.  Sounds like fun and experimenting ensues.

It is easy to get hung up on finding just the right fabrics, or worrying about the size and shapes to start with. To keep things relaxed and enjoyable, though, I won't worry about the details.  The fabric stash is raided and this is what shows up.

Squares might be the simplest choice.  Some Kaffe Fassett with solids will be fun.

So here is where the plan took off from.  This illustrates traditional half square triangle construction.

Stack two fabrics  of equal size right sides together.  Draw a line from corner to corner.  Stitch 1/4" on either side of this drawn line.  Next, cut it along the line.  And you have two equal half square triangle units.  Lots of quilters oversize the squares from the start so that the final units can be trimmed to the exact size called for.

Now let's see what happens when there is no straight line to dictate where the seams are.  I will still aim for approximately 1/2" between stitch lines so that the seams will each be about 1/4".  If the curve is too sharp it won't work, but gentle curves are worth exploring.  The seam can be trimmed just a bit if pressing becomes difficult.

What was I thinking?  My vision is no where near what I ended up with.  But now I know.  Even the slightest curve makes it difficult to move forward with piecing.

Grrrr.  Of course.  So a slice here...

and a strip there...

nothing so far.  But no harm done either.  Learning is not based on experiments that you know the outcome of.  Something may come of this way down the road.

And speaking of "down the road".  Luckily our preparation for Spring Quilt Market is more predictable (at least so far).   The patterns, flyers, business cards and signs are all being printed.  Display details are being hammered out.  Our Schoolhouse presentation is moving along.  Most importantly the quilts are all done and waiting for their debut.  All good.  Two weeks from today we set off on the adventure.

See you next week.

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  1. can't wait to see you at market
    just finished one of your quilts
    bought the pattern when i was visiting ashley in ames see you soon
    bernadette lv the quilts


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