Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walk Along the Design Path

Marny here...Sometimes beauty is pretty blatant and very accessible.

And sometimes you have to do some searching and believe in time you will run across it.

You start walking down a path that you have tried before, and maybe even more than once, but this time with just a day or two of extra warmth and a bit of sunshine, miracles happen.

Coming up with a new design is kind of like this too.  We all go down paths we have explored before, but something clicks, we add to or subtract from the original idea and all of a sudden it is right.  We explore with the tools of balance, scale, color, texture, line and we push and pull and all of a sudden we have something we want to share. 

Jill and I have come up with four fresh modern quilt designs that are heading to the printer in less than a week.  We are a month away from setting up our first booth at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  So many details to be taken care of and ideas for display are rattling around in our heads that we need to pause and enjoy the miracles of spring (and for that matter of good quilt design.)  Enjoy the arrival of the upcoming season wherever you live. 

Till Tuesday.


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