Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free Modern Quilt Pattern and Modern Quilt Along Coming Soon!

Marny here...

Let me share a few announcements, in no particular order.

First, we had two of our quilts in Sisters, Oregon at Jean Wells' shop, The Stitchin' Post, during the big quilt show they just had.  A picture was passed along to us via Jeanne who got it from Rose.  We really got a kick out of seeing the display of Leftovers (on the seat of the chair) and Bowtie Pasta with a Twist (on the back of the chair) in such a well known shop.  Thank you letting us see them in place.

Second, let me remind you all again that the Des Moines Area Modern Quilt Guild will be meeting this Thursday, the 21st.  Please take a look here to get more information about the Guild and this meeting and take special note of the nametag discussion.  It is going to be great fun!  

Third, let me introduce you to Dinner Plates.  Jill motivated me to create this summery quilt in a bit of a challenge she gave me a few years ago.  She said "try using circles in a modern quilt" and look what happened.  It became a large quilt for a queen sized bed. Often the challenges we give one another either end up as small projects or as permanent WIPs so this was a happy surprise.  It was fun using large and small scale fabrics, some fabrics that read "solid" and a tight color scheme.  April finished it off with some special quilting!
A Dinner Plate block.

A  "without" Dinner Plate block.

I've decided to blog about the steps involved in creating Dinner Plates in several upcoming posts.  You can turn it into a quilt along so please join in.  This queen size and a scaled down throw size will be described in the pattern. 

Fabric selection and fabric quantities for making the Dinner Plates quilt will be posted August 2nd.  The steps will probably be posted every other week.  I am having great fun because I get to use color in my diagrams.  Yipee!  It is more of an immediate visual treat for me, I must say.  When creating patterns to be printed commercially the diagrams and steps have to be in black and white.  

I am hopeful I can create a pdf of the entire pattern that will be available for you to download once we have reached the end of the process or you can choose to follow along in the posts.  All the steps will appear when you click on the label Dinner Plates in the label column if you miss any as we go along.  

Is anybody interested in joining in? 

Till Tuesday...


  1. I would love to join in - I love a challenge and this could be it - circles - never done them on a quilt! Thanks for the chance!

  2. So happy you can join us Lynn!

  3. It sounds like fun, I will have to stop in to see what new fabrics you have that I can't live without.....

  4. Great Pam! Fresh fabric is always fun.

  5. Oh, fun! Count me in. Sew alongs are the best time. That will get me going on circles. Would you believe that's something I have not done...yet.

  6. Love the colors and the pattern. And April's quilting adds that special touch - so creative! Please count me in. Is the pattern fat quarter friendly?

  7. Great to have you April! And no, I can't believe you haven't done circles yet. As to the fat quarter friendly question, lj70miller, I will give that some thought and on August 2nd you'll see if you can make them work for you. It would just be scrappier I think. Welcome to the quilt/sew along!

  8. Sounds great! Will have to give it a go!

  9. Welcome Marge! We'd love you to join in.


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