Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nibbles Revisited: Stay Tuned for Modern Quilt Along

jill here....While Marny prepares for the "quilt along"( starting next week),  I'll invite you to join in the fun.  If you have never pieced a circle it is a great chance to gain a new skill.  It looks harder than it really is and the more you practice, the better you get. Grab a partner and meet the challenge.

On with Nibbles revisited.  When we design patterns, we're always trying to find appealing fabric selections. It's fun to change things up and showcase different options. Our trunk show samples allow us play time.

We recently visited Robin at Isabelle Originals and Ivy Threads in Dysart, Iowa.  What a cute shop with fun fabric and a very welcoming atmosphere!  A Kaffe Facette fabric "Paisley Jungle"spoke to me for a remake of our pattern Nibbles. It is quite colorful, contemporary and different from the original on our published cover. I decided to try the large scale print as a background, using smaller scale prints as the nibbles.  The print was not nondirectional but had enough movement in both directions;  I thought it could still be successful.

Kaffe Fassett's (Rowan Fabrics) "Paisley Jungle"

First attempt with variety of 10 values, colors and prints.
Once the strip sets were finished, it  appeared too crazy
with no place for the eye to rest (and not in keeping
with the intention of the pattern).

Searching for a narrower color range.... these analogous colors
have a tighter range, less pattern but the dots yelled out
above the rest.  I was looking for more balance.

Five Kona solid values ranging from red to pink seem to be the best option.
The solids gives a clean edge to the squares.  The lighter values
will give some variety in the overall visual effect.

The red works for two reasons:  there is only a small amount
of it in the background (creating contrast)
and it's the complementary color to a
mostly green background.

Off to Dysart.  We'll check on it later.  See you next Tuesday for the Quilt Along.


  1. The color selection for the Nibbles pattern - and the result - is absolutely charming!

  2. Thanks for taking us through your process. I love the final results with the solids really holding their own against the wild Kaffe print :)

  3. That is one hoppin' quilt...I love it!



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