Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking up Classes

jill here....Seems like fall is coming around the corner.  Our weather has been beautiful and much nicer to sew with all the windows open!  Sometimes when I'm designing, brain freeze occurs and I just have to switch to a less creative mode.  This weekend, baby quilts temporarily took over as there is somewhat of a time issue, they are happy and relatively small!  So I unearthed a couple from the unfinished pile and  brought them close to finished.  And the backings are the icing on the cake.....chenille and minkie!

Staggered pastel squares bordered by diagonal dots and striped pastel
 chenille for the backing.  Just needs a quilting expert!

I love pinwheels!  This one is for the more sophisticated baby
.....minkie on the back!
I'll keep you posted as to the completion!

Now on to the mystery!  Kelly's test kitchen at the Quilting Connection in Ames (515-233-3048) is presenting our MARKET VALUES as a mystery class!   Spend Thursday, September 22nd from 10-4 cooking up our latest modern lap sized, gender friendly quilt.  The cost is $45.00 and we provide lunch. The fee includes our newest pattern which will be launched at the Houston market in October. You'll be our pattern testers, sworn to secrecy.  We'd love to have any of you sign up!

For the recipe you'll need eight fabrics-four sets of pairs.  The Quilting Connection has the specific amounts and some value guidelines to help the selection process.  You can contact our email with any other questions.  It will be both fun and easily achievable for a great holiday gift!

On Friday, September 30th from 4-5 we are presenting a lecture/trunk show at the Des Moines AQS show.  Our talk is entitled "A Little Taste of Modern."  We'll discuss techniques, fabrics, design and market influences pertaining to the new modern. We'll explain a bit about the Modern Quilt Guild movement and it's influence on current quilting trends.  And of course we will show some quilts and help define some modern quilt elements.  There is a whole list of classes and lectures available in addition to all the vendors and quilt shows to inspire your quilting! Come check us out and we'll make it worth your while!

This Friday, August 26th we'll be presenting a trunk show in the Dysart, Iowa.  The delightful Isabelle Originals and Ivy Threads quilt shop invited us to speak at 6pm.  It will be fun to meet new friends from Northeast Iowa.  Email Robin for info.

Onto the comments from our recent, very scientific survey....Again, we are most grateful to those of you who answered.  And not only did you give us some useful information, it helped us feel more connected to you on the other side.  So what if we have to use bribery!

It is no surprise that most of you are modernists, not totally throwing away your traditional roots.  Many of you don't choose to purchase patterns, which we suspected.  You are very creative and improvisational.  Then again, many of you are collectors of patterns and books; sometimes one or the other.  I can say that since I started designing, I certainly purchase fewer patterns and some books.  Part of it is confidence, the other is time (not enough to possibly make it).  There is sometimes reward in creating "what you see is what you get".  In remaking samples, I just follow the pattern and don't have to endure any brain freezes!  Patterns are more affordable, especially in these economic times.

As to the quilt pattern photography, it seems that flat out, total representation is the choice.  More options are better. You know that it can be fun to take a chance with your own fabric selections!  We recommend you try it and send us pictures of your vision.

Enjoy your week and check back next Tuesday for Marny's Dinner Plates quilt along circle instructions.


  1. Wish I lived close enough to attend your events - the mystery class sounds like lots of fun!

  2. I'm thinking about the Market Value mystery. I know the class size is limited. But it is a little far ahead for me to commit at this time. Enjoyed reading the results of the survey. And it sounds like you two are going to be v-e-r-y busy! That is good, and fun! Look forward to next week's instructions. Can we purchase our ruler before then, and what is its name? Thank you.

  3. Thank for your interest in the class. Space will be limited. As for the ruler for Dinner Plates, I used the Cheryl Phillips Cut-A-Round ruler. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for your answer. Just this morning, I re-read one of your previous posts and found the name of the ruler under the picture ... I missed that information the first time around. Thanks again for your attention to detail.

  5. I love using chenille and minkie on the back of baby quilts. So soft!


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