Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner Plates Free Modern Quilt Pattern, Quilt Along, Sew Along Step 3

Marny here...welcome back everybody.  This is the third post of the modern quilt pattern, Dinner Plates.  The quilt along is open to anyone at any time.  All the posts can be accessed by clicking on "Dinner Plates" in the Label side bar.  Fabric choices were described here and the initial cutting instructions were posted here.  We'd love to see any fabric choices, your progress in making blocks, and, of course, completed quilt tops and finished quilts.  You can post your photos here please.  (You can always email us photos and we can post them.  Use the contact bar above to reach us.)

The Great Circle Cutting and Insertion day has arrived.
This is going to be fun!

We will discuss how to cut the circles, followed by how to cut the backgrounds in preparation for inserting the circles.  Then I will try to document the actual insertion process.  The techniques are also well described on Cheryl Phillips' site.  (Please note that her video shows going on to a Drunkard's Path layout.  Follow the directions that come with the ruler to cut the circles.  The video show the cutting for a Drunkard's Path.  Note where we align the folded fabric, not on the seam allowance line, but on the Fold Line.  Do not cut your inserted circles into quadrants.  We will be using them whole.)  I will be using her Cut-A-Round ruler.

The first step is to pair up the each circle fabric with its correct background.

Now we can begin.
Take one "circle" square.  
Fold it in half.  Finger press.
Fold in half again.  Finger press the folds.
Place the Cut-A-Round ruler on the folded fabrics.
The folded edges of the fabric should be under the "Fold Line" markings
on the ruler.  (Not the outside, 1/4" seam allowance marking.)
Cut along the 13" line with your 45mm rotary cutter.
Pull away the excess fabric.
And voila, you have a beautiful circle cut with fold lines showing.
Now take the "background" fabric that pairs with the circle you just cut.

Repeat the folding of the square as before.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  you will cut the "hole" in
the background one inch smaller than the circle you cut before.  
So I will be using the 12 inch marking.
Pull away the circle.
And voila, the background to insert your circle into.
Line up your circle, with its fold lines meeting up with the fold lines of the background.
Gently pull the background up and over the circle, and pin,
right sides together, at the fold marks.
Continue around the four fold lines, matching and pinning.
Now you can pin in-between your four pins.
Some of you might be most comfortable using a lot of pins 
And others of you will be happiest using fewer pins.
Ready to sew.
Stitch with a quarter inch seam.
Here it is coming out of the back of the machine.
Here it is sewn all the way around.
Press the stitching lightly.  Be careful not to press in any creases.
I started with the block facing up.  I pressed both thicknesses of the seam
allowance away from the circle.  
This is the completed block from the wrong side.
And here it is from the right side.  Perfect, and so easy to do!
Get all your circles inserted in the next two weeks.  On Tuesday, September 13th I will post Step 4, the final layout for Dinner Plates.

Couple of reminders before I go.  Jill and I are teaching our new Market Values pattern on Thursday, September 22nd at the Quilting Connection here in Ames, from 10-4.  The class is structured like a mystery class-you won't see the finished project till you are done.  Students will be sworn to secrecy, since the pattern is not for sale as yet.  $45.00 includes lunch and the pattern.  Call 515-233-3048 for more information, or stop in the store to sign up.

And, here is a repeat from the previous post.  On Friday, September 30th from 4-5 we are presenting a lecture/trunk show at the Des Moines AQS show.  Our talk is entitled "A Little Taste of Modern."  We'll discuss techniques, fabrics, design and market influences pertaining to the new modern. We'll explain a bit about the Modern Quilt Guild movement and it's influence on current quilting trends.  And of course we will show some quilts and help define some modern quilt elements.  There is a whole list of classes and lectures available in addition to all the vendors and quilt shows to inspire your quilting! Come check us out and we'll make it worth your while! 

So see you here in two weeks.  Let me know if you have any questions about Dinner Plates.  And we would love to see your photos! 


  1. Great instructions! I'm not usually one for fancy rulers, but this one looks well worth it.

    Probably more accurate than my pencil and string technique too :)

  2. Oh I fancy one of these rulers - it saves making do with a dinner plate and winging it for the rest

  3. Thank You! You inspired me to put together a "dessert" plate quilt (smaller circles)
    it is here:

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for all your information! I attended your lecture in Des Moines and never had a chance to tell you how informative and well-presented it was - great job!


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