Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Queen of Condiments Cooks Domestic

jill here....We're giving you a week to get all your Dinner Plates for our free modern quilt along fabricated.  (remember to click on Dinner Plates in the right side label sidebar to get all the steps if you haven't been able to follow along.)  Until then, you'll have to deal with my noncreative domestic side!

It WAS Labor Day!  And nothing like a little company coming to spur me into cleaning mode.  Marny,  another friend and I are hosting a milestone birthday party for a great friend.  The party will be here at my house and these two other hostesses have the tidiest refrigerators in Ames so I had to clean up my act.  Refrigerator interior design 101!

Number three child, during his six week home stay, polished off any eatable leftovers.  But my family likes condiments and we collect them much the same as fabric - opening new ones before the old ones are consumed.  Therefore, there are lots of partially finished options, some getting lost in the back, some not really worth keeping. Soooo, 2008 really has expired!  After much sorting, consolidation, rinsing, recycling and cleaning every surface, I'm proud to show you the organized result.  My husband was amazed!  I've saved face and even room for cupcakes!

A new perspective....
Repetitive patterns, in the door only.

During that successful exercise I was giving thought to my husband's birthday present.  Hard to think of a surprise.  He has this favorite shirt that is really comfortable but well worn, mostly just frayed in the collar.  I had previously considered "turning the collar" but rejected the thought for being crazy.  But why not?  A real gift to give him back his shirt and truly a surprise.

The favorite shirt.

Only the collar was frayed so I carefully ripped the treads
between the collar and the neck facing.

I then just flipped the collar, tucked it between the open edges
and restitched close to the edge and pressed.

Better than new 'cause it feels good!

Well he was surprised and amazed!  Just don't tell him how easy it was.  Enough domestic.
Until next Tuesday....


  1. Must have been something in the air - I cleaned my fridge this weekend too! It feels so good. Now if I could only get to the rest of the house :)

    Great idea with the collar.

  2. You are light years ahead of me with your fridge. I keep hoping mine will just die and then I can have a brand spankin' new one. :>/
    However, I was raised on turning collars. It was standard to do so in my grandmother's day and I have seen my Mom do it also. Good for you~! He will get a lot more enjoyment from this shirt.

  3. Thanks for your support, BunkHouse! I've sewn a lot of different items in my life but I have never turned a collar until now. It was a labor of love but I am not darning socks!! jill

  4. Jill, I turned collars on my husband's army fatigue shirts in the early '60s. At that time, the motive was purely cost-saving. BTW, your dijon creamy mustard looks interesting!


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