Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modern Dinner Plates Quilt

Marny and Jill here....but not for long!

We are packing the car to head to International Quilt Market in Houston.  Lots of last minute details getting taken care of.  It is all so much fun! 

Remember the Free Modern Quilt Dinner Plates Quilt Along that we held a couple of months ago?  (To see all the steps we posted you can always click on the Dinner Plates label in the right side bar.)

Here is a completed Dinner Plates quilt that April West is sharing with us.

Isn't it wonderful?  Seeing the same pattern made up in a variety of ways is so rewarding.  April's color palette and textures and prints differ greatly from the versions we have shared previously.  It is so much fun for us to see a pattern made up multiple ways!  Very gratifying.

And look at the quilting!
A Dinner Plate quilted.  Gorgeous!

An empty, rather solid textured, square given dimension with quilting.

April is an professional longarm quilter.  Her business is The Quilting Den.  She does a fantastic job on all the quilts for our patterns.  We love getting the quilts back from her.  Her quilting really helps them "come alive."
Look how she works in and around those Dinner Plates!  
Our thanks to April for sharing her quilt.  Seeing how quilting adds to your quilts is educational, both for those making quilts and for those of us designing patterns.  It is an element that can have a huge impact on the success of the final product.

If all goes well, and the app works as intended (and practiced) we should be able to blog as we go this trip. Please be forgiving of typos and other oddities since "typing" will take place on an iPhone or an iPad. Check back frequently this week to see what we are up to!  We are eager to share.

Till soon....


  1. Love your color choices, April! Jill and Marny, have a wonderful Houston experience. Look forward to your posts!

  2. I love April's version! Have a great time in Houston.


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