Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stuck on Complexity

jill here....Sometimes the process really hurts.  We're stuck in a design dilemma. We have this beautiful Daisy Janie fabric "Tilly" and this great block to feature the fabric but the setting just isn't working.  (Actual photos of these layouts that will be shared after we publish the finished design.)  Later, we'll share our journey with some design criteria; you can add in with your opinions.

Did someone say there is a deadline on the very near horizon?   Better not to panic as there is a wonderful designer depending on us.

Back to the basics!  A quote that inspires us is from Weeks Ringle's and Bill Kerr's book Color Harmony For Quilts. "As a general rule of thumb, a complex palette flatters a simple design and a simple palette is best suited to a complex design." So we're traveling back to the drawing board and computer to discover a new direction.  Stay tuned.  Keep the faith, Jan!

It'll be a busy week but we'll be back next Tuesday!


  1. I have the utmost faith that it will work out; What needs to be envisioned will present itself - just keep the ideas turning over and over - something will be there! Thanks for a sneak peek, too!

  2. Great quote from Weeks and Bill and I think they are so right!

    I know you'll figure it out. I love the way the fabrics look like they are going around the corner into the next block.


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