Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Premativa Twist on Bowtie Pasta and Free Tutorial for Quilt Backs

Bowtie Pasta With A Twist in "Primitiva"

jill here....Andover Fabrics was gracious to share some of designer Jane Dixson's new line of Primitiva.  Together, Marny and I cut and pieced the quilt at our DSM Modern Quilt Guild retreat.  We just got it back from the quilter and it's worthy of a process discussion.  This tutorial is intended for personal use (gift or charity) and may not be reproduced without our permission

For the backing, we had a length of Andover's Dimples (designed by Gail Kessler) but not wide enough for the entire quilt.  So rather then adding just another length to bring it to the correct width, I wanted to use the one fabric in the collection that we didn't sew into the top.  Still not enough!  So I added one more light valued fabric with enough contrast to the print.  The quilt top measured 56" X 70"  therefore I needed 64" X 78" to send to the machine quilter.

Three fabrics for the backing with the print acting as the focus.
For the backing I needed:  2 1/3 yard of dark, 5/8 yard of focus, 7/8 yard of light.
Cut the following from the dark fabric: Remove the selvage from one WOF side, leave the other on for stability.  Cut the LOF to 78".  Cut another 5 " X  24" strip.
Cut the following from the focus fabric :  2 strips of  9 1/2"X WOF.  Cut again into (7) 9 1/2" squares.
Cut the following from the light fabric:  2 strips of 11" X WOF, 1 strip  5" X  24" strip.

Sew the dark and light 5"X 36" strips lengthwise.

Sub cut this into (8)  2 1/2" X 9 1/2" segments.
Starting with the above strip set, alternate the strip sets with the 9 1/2" blocks, keeping the same orientation of lights and darks.  The fabric pattern of the focus fabric square was alternated from vertical to horizontal for a more lively setting.

This will make a  strip set  79 1/2" long, trim either end to make it 78" long
Sew the (2) 11"X WOF strips end to end (after trimming the selvages).  Trim this piece 11" X 78".   Sew it to one of the sides of the pieced square sets.
Back side after sewing the light value to the square sets.
We press our seams open.

Back side after sewing the dark value to the other side of the squares.

If there's fabric, they will come.  Thanks, Jaxon!

Back from April West, the quilter, the final challenge was to find the best binding fabric.  The top two fabrics were in the quilt but the orange was the  same light in the bowties.  Not wanting to compete with the accent, it was voted off.  The browns weren't so exciting so I went with the darker orange zig zag.  It was lively but not too crazy.  Turned out just fine!

All decked out with no where to go!

Spring shadows....
Ta Da!
 'Till next Tuesday when I can hopefully say the taxes are out of my hands!  Enjoy  the arrival of spring.


  1. I like this quilt a lot - and by chance I love that fabric range too

  2. I'm going to check out the fabrics. I think they will go with some fabrics I have had n my stash from my mom's quilting era.

  3. Awesome quilt and quilt pattern. Thanks for sharing the pieced backing. Great job!


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