Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digging out my sewing studio! (modern or otherwise)

Marny here...

We had to chuckle at Quilt Market.  We were asked to consider sharing our sewing studios with a wonderful publication.  They assured us their readers were interested in real work spaces.

My sewing room is a disaster.  It is not just a sewing studio.  Like many of yours it holds books, papers, items without another good home and additional equipment.  Mine also houses boxes and boxes of patterns!

Let me take you on a tour.
Entering the room.  Nice northern windows at the opposite end.
The quilting frame is a great storage surface for quilts and fabric piles.
I certainly don't use it for its intended purpose.  That also means my awesome MegaQuilter lies idle.
Any offers?  Some pattern boxes below.
Looking back to the doorway.  Ironing board (without its big board, but with a coffee cup) to the left.
I must have used the ironing board to iron clothes before Market.  Imagine that.
Pitiful to have a nonworking tv sitting on the floor waiting to be recycled.  I mean really?
Surely I can do better than this.  I've been stepping over this for a couple of years.
Filing cabinet and great shelves not being used to their potential.  

Sewing machine on the left and cutting table on the right.
Lots of my books and magazines housed in a somewhat tidy fashion.

Notice the cutting table is such a nice large surface for getting "organized".

Posting this blog will force me to take action.  In one or two more Tuesdays you will see the "after" photos.  The room has so much hidden potential.  Literally.  What about your sewing spaces.

Till Tuesday...


  1. what a big challenge you have taken on!
    good on you! and good luck!!

  2. I've done two minor reorganizations of my sewing room in the past year. What I really need to do is take everything out, paint the poor room (needs it badly) and find a place for everything. I suspect I have too many things to do that though. I'm working to get my husband to agree to put a bookshelf in our bedroom for my books and magazines :) Can't wait to see your after!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the support. I am planning to take everything out and reorganize the bigger pieces, so repainting is in the back of my mind. Time will tell.

  3. I loved seeing this! It makes me want to rush right back to Iowa and help you dig out! As I've been designing my own, new quilting studio, I'm learning so much about the right and wrong things to do.

    I'd like to suggest that you donate that old TV to an organization right there in Ames. If I remember correctly (I advertised it for free on craigslist), the fella who came to get two of ours is a recruiter with the Navy (?). They collect old TVs to give to people who need them. Hope you can find this group. It makes one feel good about giving away.

    1. Hi Linda! I do tend to donate all working objects to good homes. There are so many needy places. Not wanting to just get rid of it, when donating is my instinct, is probably why the tv remained in the house this long. But since it really does not work the time has come to recycle.

  4. I would have never been brave enough to post pictures of my sewing room if it looked like that! I can't wait to see the after pictures. My sewing room has been converted to a scrapbooking center until all the photos, school papers, and other memorabilia is sorted and put into books. So no quilting or fabric purchasing until this huge task is done - it is 29 years in the making and must be done first! Wish me luck. In the mean time, I am still buying quilt magazines and have my next projects already planned out.


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