Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winners and Curves again

jill here.....

And the winners, randomly chosen from last weeks comments, are:  Amy M., Vicki and Imatopper!  We'll get those pattens to you very soon.  Thanks so much for your comments, one and all.  It seems that Facebook and Pinterest will play a role in our business, hopefully very soon.  So stay tuned!

On with a challenge.  You know, one of the best parts of market is that you actually meet the people behind the product.  In Houston last fall, we met a very enterprising young woman by the name of Linda Warren.  She approached us with this tool called the The Learning Curve.  It's one template that guides in the creation of quarter circles (or other curves).  The two best features for me are that it has  "sew it oversized-cut down to accurate" and the visual tutorial clearly illustrates  whatever recipe you choose to follow.

We took a process pledge so I'll share my process of making  4 1/2" (unfinished) blocks with the curve in the corner.  Traditional quilters will recognize this block, similar to Drunkard's Path.

I start with cutting 5 1/2" squares from contrasting fabrics.

I line up the fabric edges with the template and cut the curve.

Cute little cone shapes are ready to pair up with a contrasting color.

I fold and press the center  edge of both the cone shape (convex)
 and the larger background (concave).  This gives me a landmark
to match when I pin the curves, right sides together.

I use three pins.  First pin the center, then the outer edges.
I  then sew with a scant 1/4" seam

Sew with the smaller convex piece on top, gently stretching
as you go, moving around  the curve.

Press to one side (may have to repress later to have your
seams "nest" for a smoother intersection).  It will look "wonky"...
perfectly okay!

Following the template and the dots placement for the curve,
two sides of the block are trimmed .

The curved corner is "squared up".

The template and dots show you exactly where to
make the final trim.

The end product (not quite) are like ducks in a row!

Next week I'll show you some setting options for a small project.  If you're interested in purchasing this template, you can check with your local quilt shop (available through Checker and United Notions) or you may order from Linda directly via her web site (above).  She also has some other ideas on how to use this little tool.

Later, next Tuesday....

The Learning Curve


  1. Nifty new plaything! Look forward to more of your ideas.

    1. Yes, it's pretty cool with lots of other possibilities. jill


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