Friday, March 8, 2013

More Quiltcon Quilts

jill here are some more of the Quiltcon Show Quilts.  Hope we represent the makers accurately.

Best Machine Quilting
The Local Quilt
Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wales, Florida, US
Carolyn's quilting is fantastic.  Her stitches are incredibly tiny!  If you would like to see her work close up, you can check out her blog.

Applique, Large Quilts, 3rd Place
Reto Modern Shapes
Heather Davidson
Portland, Oregon, US
I love these little shapes.  So organic made possible by the word "applique".  Such a novel idea.

Applique, Large Quilts
Flying Saucer
Lisa Alexakis
Culver City, California, US
Sorry I don't have a full view.  I love the quilted intersecting circles.  How did she keep those lines so even?  She won an award but it was cut off by my focus (lack of).

The ridge is really interesting where she changes direction.

Use of Negative Space, Small Quilts
Honorable Mention
Leanne Chahley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This small quilt makes a great impact on the black background.  The variety of fabrics adds to the interest.

Use of Negative Space,  Small Quilts
Elizabeth Brandt
Holland, Michigan, US
This quilt is so interesting as it relates to modern art .  Her idea of improvisational "balance"is very creative...and the colors are so mid century modern.  Love it!

Use of Negative Space, Large Quilts
3rd Place
Rhythm and Blues
Anne Diester
Louisville, Colorado, US
The different blue values create intersecting lines and shapes and the modern white sets it off.

Improvisational, Small Quilts
Red Concentrate
Lavialle Campbell
Studio City, California, US
Although the all red block is not obviously pieced, it is!  We love the unexpected modern log cabin.

Minimalist Design, Large Quilts
don't box me in
Tammy Vasser
Olathe, Kansas, US
Tammy was influenced by Yoshiko Jinzenji's Quilting Line and Color. Her attention to the details makes this special and interesting.

Check back, we have one more installment.  Maybe Tuesday...


  1. Ho ho ho - more eye candy! Thank you for the pictures and the comments! The quilts are all stunning!

  2. I did get to see Carolyn Friedlander's work in person! Three of us from The Villages drove to Lakeland last Tuesday to see and hear Carolyn's trunk show and lecture at a quilt shop. What a sweet young lady! I'm so glad you mentioned her in an earlier blog post, as I found her from the link you included.

  3. Just finding your blog. Thanks for sharing my QuiltCon quilt, Rhythm and Blues. Someday I may have to pick your brains about the pattern industry as I have started my own little pattern business and would love all the advice I can get. Best wishes for continued success with your business. You two design great quilts.

    1. Hi Anne, happy to share. Email using any time!


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