Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PICNIC block explored. Dip Bowls!

Marny Madrona Road challenge for the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild is heading off in a new direction.  I am going to combine the challenge fabrics with solids and explore our Dip Bowls block a bit.  Below are the two project versions of the block from Picnic.

Table Runner

Baby Quilt
I am going to share some of the pictures I took along the way.  They might serve to provide additional helpful visuals to people using our book Picnic.

The first photos below show cutting techniques that are well illustrated and explained in Picnic.  You'll see some of the Madrona Road fabrics now.
The first cut to start making a rectangle into a Slanted Parallelogram.

The second cut to complete a Slanted Parallelogram.

Rulers placed on a rectangle so make it possible to cut Offset Squared Triangles.

Two Offset Squared Triangles from one rectangle.

Pieces arranged for Units B and A
Now is the time to re-emphasize that we sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.  Jill and I own the same make and model of sewing machine.  We use the same kind of foot.  Jill uses a 4.5 setting and I use a 4.0 and our seams are identical to one another.  Please take the time to be sure of your seam allowance.  If in doubt make practice blocks, especially when there are lots of seams or intersecting seams.

In Picnic we do not trim the dog ears.  They end up being useful landmarks for seams.

We gently press all our seams open.  This is important.
The piecing hints and illustrations below will also be in the Picnic tab in the bar at the top of the post.
First seam in Unit A.  This is well illustrated and explained in Technique Six in Picnic.  Please note that at the bottom of the photograph the pointed tip of the slanted parallelogram fits into the spot where the offset square starts its slant.  At the top of the photograph you can see the other end of the slanted parallelogram reaches the sharp corner of the offset squared triangle right at the quarter inch seam line, leaving a perfect equilateral triangle of yellow showing.

Second side of parallelogram sewn.  Again note the stitching line of pink thread.  It is just like the earlier photograph above.

Unit A completed.

Unit B and Unit A ready to be sewn together.  See the yellow fabric that is purposefully remaining to the inside edge of each print fabric parallelogram.

Closer view of the inside edges of Unit B and Unit A

Unit A stacked on Unit B ready to sew a quarter inch seam.  The print fabric dog ears are stacked on top of one another and the yellow dog ears are stacked on top of one another. 

This photograph shows that the needle is lined up at the quarter inch and about to sew right through the print fabric points.

Scissors pointing to pink stitches running through the print fabric points.

Unit A stitched to Unit B

Please note the tidy point the yellow fabric comes to and the quarter inch of each printed fabric still showing at the bottom of the photograph

Close up of the yellow point and the quarter inch of print fabric remaining below the point.
Now back to the fabric challenge.  The meeting guild meeting is Thursday.

Till Tuesday....  

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  1. Awesome quarter-inch demo! I am so 1/4 inch-deficient in making it look so perfect like that!


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