Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hooray, it's REPEAT(ed) again time!

Marny here...our incoming email has become even more interesting recently!  
Ellen Rushman and Madeleine Roberg have their fabric design contest REPEATED(ed) underway and we've signed up to receive all the posts.    

If you are interested in the process of fabric design, or for that matter, the process of design period, take a look and sign up for yourself!  It is amazing to see how each competitor responds to each challenge.    

Maybe you remember our mentioning The Printed Bolt (an Ellen and Madeleine web site) and their first fabric designing contest, REPEAT.  The winner of that contest, Michele Rosenboom, is a judge for this year's contest.  We were fortunate to meet Michele and to have a couple of quilts made from her fabric (pieced and quilted by Ellen) displayed in our booth at Quilt Market last year. 
Recipe Cards in Michele's fabric.  Ellen Rushman holding the quilt.

Taffy Twists in Michele's fabric.  

Carolyn Friedlander is judging too.  We just got to spend time at Quiltcon with Carolyn.  We carried her patterns in our booth and are in love her Architextures fabric for Robert Kaufman!!!  Carolyn is wonderful; a great designer and an interesting and sweet person to talk to.  

(Secret heads up here...we'll be having a limited number of Leftovers throw kits coming soon.  We sold out the first day at Quiltcon.  Email us for details.)

A third judge we have a connection to is Greta Songe.  We met her through Quilt Market too.  She is a talented designer and a delight to spend time with!  Here is Greta's website.  She is one busy lady, teaching and designing.  Her blog is inspirational.  Greta has two fabric collections with Marcus.  (I couldn't get the links to Greta to work on the Printed Bolt site so I thought putting them here would make it easier for readers.)

So sit back, relax and watch the designers hard at work!  You actually get to be part of the elimination process by voting for your favorites.  Check it out!

Till Tuesday...

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