Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Beauties

jill here... We recently had an article published in the May issue of Online Quilt Magazine, (an Australian publication).  Here's the link: . You will be able to view the article and then access further information for a bargain fee.   The premium issue includes a quilt pattern for the modern baby quilt you'll see pictured.  We will share the pattern with you in just a few weeks.  You may recognize it!  

Spring has sprung and the out of doors called this past weekend. Besides suffering blisters and a  backache purging buckthorn, this green fuzzy stage of life is wonderful.  Check out the wildflowers!

Can you name this one?

This is the same as the one above in the bright sunlight.

My neighbor calls this Spring Beauty.  The book names it Bloodroot!


Such a gift to see the green after the long winter!
Virginia Bluebells getting ready to open.
Enjoy a walk in the woods.
Next Tuesday we'll introduce our newest pattern!  'Until Tuesday.....


  1. Look forward to next week. Yes, the show of spring blossoms is exciting! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. You should take those same pictures today with snow covering the pretty flowers. My bleeding heart is all droopy with wet snow. Makes me sad.

  3. Forgive me for giggling, but I do believe I heard today, and saw pictures, that winter has sprung! Really? Snow in May? I bet the weathermen had a field day. Congrats on being published in Oz!


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