Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nostalgic Creativity

Family stocking that was lovingly created
by my Aunt Kelsie.

jill here....When our family was young and funds were tight, I had to be creative with holiday ornaments.  Sometimes, it was more about the time than the money: there wasn't a lot of either.  I did allow for one really nice "ornament" each year.  One that I hoped would be passed down like the stocking pictured above.

 These darling hand painted ornaments were discovered at a craft show.  I decided they were worth the splurge. I had to custom order them and make an Advent Calendar appropriately scaled to display them.

This is the calendar...self taught applique with numbered pockets
to house those cute little ornaments.
 There seems to be a few missing....the dog must have eaten Santa.  The question is which dog!

So when it came to making my Mom's holiday special (in a very small space) I decided to create a calendar with some of her costume jewelry.  There are bits and bobs from the past !  She can actually wear them on the appropriate day and then pin them to the tree.

Pins and necklaces...

Advent calendar created from a pre-printed panel .
Perfect little envelopes for all those jewels ...
or chocolate!
Hope your holidays are filled with the spirit of simple creativity.  'Till next Tuesday

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