Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Torte ....Market Schoolhouse

jill here...At our market schoolhouse in Houston we introduced our two newest patterns.  We centered our schoolhouse, delivered to mostly retailers, on strategies to use their shop inventories.  Our newest three patterns are fabricated in a variety of fabrics and combinations to help shops, and customers, visualize all their possibilities.  

Torte is fun and easy!  The pattern features a section on design / fabric  selection.  This will help the pattern maker understand choices in contrast and blending to achieve the desired outcome.
Torte Pattern cover, four sizes

Modern Quilt Relish's Torte Table Runner:
two neutrals with accents of silk
 and a fantastic backing to pull it all together.

This is the eye candy kit for the above runner!

These were some of the other ideas that were shown for fabric selection.  

The pinks and oranges (quilt shown below) were strips cut to help a shop locate the selected fabrics for the quilt (wouldn't have to kit, just have as a reference!).  

The pattern cover throw quilt of Torte's dark greens with gold were part of a collection from Malka Dubrawsky for Moda (4 from her first line, 2 from her second and then four lighter values to give a greater range).  Again, not a whole collection but selected fabrics and then "shop the store"! 

As a customer, you can also make this work!  It would be shop your shelves!

The cute little bundle of fat quarters is a novelty collection from Anthology's Lullaby Baby  (our cover baby sized)...just to illustrate you can easily work with a whole collection, utilizing the same amount from each bolt for easy cutting!
Modern Quilt Relish Torte Child size in pinks and oranges.

Hope this gets your quilting spirits moving!
'Till next Tuesday...


  1. You (two) are an inspiration! Thank you. Love the eye candy!

  2. Torte is one of those clever patterns that changes like a chameleon depending on your choice of fabric. Good job! :)


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