Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Duvet Buffet in Benartex's Dwellings

jill here....The new year brings an attempt to tie up some unfinished projects!  This queen duvet was mostly sewn last summer in hopes of rephotographing our "Duvet Buffet" cover.  Benartex was generous to share some of Michelle D'Amore's Dwellings collection.  We've sewn several projects from Michelle's fabrics; we love her designs for their contemporary flare, variety of scale, pattern and color.

I have to say that photographing a duvet is a challenge (at least without a studio set-up).  When you add a down comforter, it's pretty heavy.  This autumn my husband assisted in an photo attempt...too heavy for binder clips, too heavy for skirt hangers and too flat for just laying out on the ground.  It was put aside.

With the cold during the Christmas holiday, my son's comfort was enhanced by the duvet's warmth!  And now I am seeing ads for this wonderful collection.  I made some coordinating pillow cases and set out to photograph, not looking for perfection.

Duvet Buffet in Benartex's Dwellings, color way Guest House.
(Queen sized duvet on a double bed)
Left side view.

Five fabrics with variety of scale and coordinated color combinations.
The separator strips are sewn with a special technique
that keeps them flat and laundry friendly.

Reverse side... an entirely different combination of fabrics

Separator strips are the foundation for the hidden hook and loop tape closure.
The duvet recipe was developed for efficient use of fabric.  All in all, it takes a lot of fabric for the front and back...but when you're done, there's not a quilting or binding challenge.  And when you have a couple of pets that feel entitled (only on occasion), it's quick to launder and flip for a fresh clean look!

Hey, we're half way through January.  'Till next Tuesday...


  1. Really like this! Thank you for posting,

  2. This fabric collection really POPs with this pattern. What a great showcase for the front, and the back, of the duvet. Lovely!


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