Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More on Riley Blake Challenge

Marny here…more about the Riley Blake Challenge
Substituting a photo from Hawaii here, trying to give you a warm Florida feeling.  We need all the warm memories we can get this winter.   

Once upon a time, actually just a couple of years ago, Linda Hungerford was a founding member of our very own Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild.  She has since relocated to Florida (hence the above attempt to get you all thinking about warm Florida).  Linda is a prolific quilter with technically superb piecing and free-motion quilting skills.  We miss seeing her quilts up close and personal. Many of you would enjoy a visit to her blog, Flourishing Palms, where you can see her quilts.    

Not too long ago she asked us if we would judge her new Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild's Riley Blake Challenge.  Last week eleven great entries were photographed and sent to us.  We only had a single, all over shot to go by and no close ups.  Our critique and judging was based on modern design and not on technique.  Technical skills need to be seen in person to be judged fairly.  

We offered each quilter a positive critique of their entry.  Engaging the edge, utilizing negative space and asymmetry, interesting use of shape, color and a variety of value were rewarded.  Choosing just one winner was very difficult!  But that was the task given us, so we buckled down and got 'er done.

I had to laugh at the end of our second meeting about the judging, how would my own challenge pillow have fared?  

So we encourage you to head on over to the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild reveal and take a look at their ten quilts and one quilted bag.  The variety is really fun to explore.  Each entrant had their own unique vision.  Enjoy!

I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite personal views…rainbow and all, high above the Pacific on Maui.

Till Tuesday…  


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  1. Thank you both, SO MUCH, for sharing your expertise with our Central Florida MQG chapter! We learned many valuable lessons as we made our projects, and even more about modern quilting from your wonderful, positive critiques. We can't tell you how much we appreciate both of you!

    And on a personal note, thank you very much for your overly generous compliments about my own quilting. As you know, quilting is almost my life's breath. I appreciate both of you - your expertise in modern quilting, and your wonderful designs - even more, now that I'm further away - of course! Saying thank you, for so many nice compliments, isn't enough thanks.


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