Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Quilted Windmill in Pella Iowa

Marny and Jill here…We had a fun road trip yesterday!  

A couple weeks ago we got an email from Kelly Van Vliet.  She had recently purchased VandeLune Fabrics in Pella, Iowa and was going to reopen as The Quilted Windmill (the name of her existing long arm quilting business). 

We enjoyed communicating by email about a trunk show and one thing led to another and we decided it would be fun to see her store "under construction", deliver quilts and patterns in person, and get to know Kelly a bit better. 

Kelly Van Vliet of the brand new "the Quilted Windmill".  She opens for business on Thursday, February 6.  701 Main Street, Pella, Iowa.

View from the front door

Fun signs, kits, new fabrics…

Eager to see what she is going to do with these doors…

Nice new fabric shelves and display units made from wood and metal…and the requisite tulip fabric for this wonderful predominantly Dutch community.

A wide range of fabrics…

The store is going to be great!  We'll be going back for sure.

Fabrics she had that we thought would be perfect in a child size Supper Club. It is always fun to choose new fabrics for favorite patterns!  The lions and tigers for the large rectangles, the brown with dots for the verticals and the yellow for the horizontals.  There was a really cute alternative orange choice too, but somehow it didn't get in the picture.  I think it got buried in quilts.

Supper Club pattern MQR 107
All three fabrics are Robert Kaufman, the yellow is a Spot On
and the brown based dot and green with animals are both
from their Jungle Creatures, Bermuda line. 
Till Tuesday…

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