Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nine Patch Quilt Creation

jill here....This past weekend was the reunion retreat in the Chicago.  It was the nine-patch connection to make all those blocks into a donation quilt(s).  Dorothy's Snappy Nine Patch pattern motivated us to create many blocks to supply our donations beyond next year.

The challenge was how these multicolored blocks could come together in a unified  presentation.  Keeping in mind the quilt is for an auction to an eclectic audience, polychromatic (many colors) can sometime be difficult to pull off when the tonal undertones are very different.  Some of the colors were clear and more saturated and others had a more "earthy" undertone.  We divided the clear more jewel colors from the brown, golds and reds.  This process enabled us to make an analogous statement:  always easier  to design and pleasing to the viewer.

The variation in values make the predictable setting interesting.  The alternating blocks of solid gave the eye a place to rest and enlarged the size.  It finished about 50 x 58...a nice sized throw, easy to snuggle under!

This is the second color option.  The reds and greens are complements with the gold   As you can see, the brown undertones unify. The contributors different fabrics makes it interesting.  It's set on point for a different variation. The inner alternate blocks in a lighter value. give a focus to the center and create another opportunity for quilting emphasis

We agreed that it's a lot of fun to sew one of these projects together.  Not only does it go much faster but it's an opportunity to laugh and converse with someone other than yourself.  A gift for both the giver and the recipient!  Good memories, thanks ladies.

'till next Tuesday.....

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