Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Modern Architecture Walkabout

jill here...Iowa State University is a playground of art and architecture.  Sunday morning was a beautiful day to walk about and rediscover some points of modern.

This is one of my favorite campus sculptures.  Diagonal lines and rectangles create an active rhythm.  The mulch at the base (to alleviate mowing?) brings focus to this representational art work.

Love this modern gate.  The transparent changes in the background add to the interest.

The historic cross pattern makes it way to the featured kachina.  The light, medium and dark values on the medium toned brick are used in equal proportions but the light wins out.  Interesting how the horizontal lines at the base (and the windows to the right) bring the asymmetry into balance.

Even the Cyride bus stop has been modernized.  The rectangular red "waterfall" displays the graphic white logo making it easily identifiable.

The interior design displays transparent parallelograms.

 Vertical and horizontal lines create interesting combinations.  The green of the landscape really adds to the grey and aubergine on this gently curved facade.

This is the new modern building I set out for...the horizontal louvers not only act as aesthetic interest but probably function to help screen the southern heat gain.  Again, the landscape textures bring interest and soften the relief.

The asymmetric entrance is a nice welcoming change.

Curved bicycle hoops in the foreground will be filled this fall.  Only student orientation this sunny Sunday.

Sun and shadow accent the perspective of this design building.

This next Monday, June 16th, we'll be presenting a workshop and trunk show in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  The Keepsake Quilters Guild will explore modern!  If you're interested in more information, contact        Judy Tyer
Program Chair
Keepsake Quilter's Guild

'till next Tuesday...

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