Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Modern Workshops and Trunkshow

Marny here…yesterday the Keepsake Quilters hosted us in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  We gave a little workshop on modern quilting, transformed a traditional block with modern design elements, taught two of our patterns, had a delightful shopping excursion to the Crazy to Quilt Shop and finished with a Trunk Show of all our patterns.
Unloading for a fun day with the Keepsake Quilters.

Rare luxury of space.  
Even when everyone had arrived the room was wonderful!

A short lesson transforming this traditional nine patch to modern in a variety of ways.

Table filled with fabric for some exercises mocking up some blocks.

Samples of Cutlery and Leftovers for the class.

One student's Cutlery under construction.
Cross weaves and stripes-it is going to be beautiful!

Our trunk show was just drawing to a close when the sirens went off in Waterloo.  Persistent tornado warnings sent us to the very comfortable basement for 45 minutes.  Heavy rains, high winds and tornados in the vicinity did not keep the intrepid group from carrying on their meeting downstairs!

Jill and I departed on the best route for avoiding bad weather.  We were optimistic that we had to exit from the heavy rain and wind since we had seen the radar.  But the storm headed south along our path…emergency vehicle lights caused us to pause in the town of Traer.  Yikes more sirens.  But also a haven one block away.  The Traer fire department offered shelter to a dozen weary travelers.     
A comforting sight…this is an awesome underground shelter.   Luckily we never had to descend into it. 
Thank you to the Traer Fire Dept.  Professional and hospitable!

Back in the car, pulled off the road just once more, entered a totally dry Ames, dropped Jill at her house, and the skies opened up with another deluge for my last mile home.    

Despite the weather challenges it was a great experience with all the busy, creative, thoughtful Keepsake Quilters.  Thank you!!

Till Tuesday…


  1. Glad you made it home safely. I really like your work and would have enjoyed both meeting with you and learning from you both. I'm just a hop away in Nebraska :)

    1. Seems like Nebraska is getting more than its fair share of threatening weather! Stay safe yourself and thank you for the kind words.


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