Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simple Baby Quilt continued

Marny here…the Simple Baby Quilt is well underway now. (Worded another way, the quilt top is still not completed.)
On a positive note, the blocks and the arrangement have been decided upon since last week's post!

Strip Set Ingredients for the Simple Baby Quilt from Modern Quilt Relish

4 fat quartersCut a 6 ½'', 3 ½'', 2 ½'' and a 1 ½'' strip from each. They can be cut either along the 21'' length or the 18'' width. 

Nondirectional background:  2 strips 6 ½'' x wof and cut them at the fold for strip sets. (You'll actually use a total of this 13'' + 48'', so start with 1 ⅞ yards.) The term nondirectional means that the print works when seen from any direction and therefore can easily be used in strip sets and background pieces without regard for orientation.)

Sew a 6 ½'' strip of background to the color strips in this order; 6 ½'' to the 1 ½'' to the 2 ½'' to the 3 ½''. Following the picture is easier than following the words! Refer to the Table Runner Tutorial and the
Simple Baby Quilt Challenges post for more instruction.

Cut two 6 ½'' wide strips from each strip set. It is helpful to align the horizontal lines on the ruler along seam lines to keep cuts square.

Alternating the 6 ½'' strips from the strip sets with the background to the left and then to the right.
Creating blocks from placing strip sets in pairs

Pairs rearranged to have the yellows more centralized. My eye liked this better.
Till Tuesday!

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  1. I like the color combination. I did a baby/small quilt in a similar palette ( minus the yellow)


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