Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Simple Baby Quilt top completed

Marny here…the Simple Baby Quilt top is complete!  
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(10/7/14, 10/14/14, 10/21/14 with a bit of relevant information on 9/9/14)
The strip set segments stacked with giraffe background on either side.

Testing how the column of segments would look like with a "spacer" of color before the giraffe background begins.  Seems like a good idea.

1 ½'' x 48 ½'' strips of dark pink added.

Giraffe background added.
Left side strip is 8 ½'' x 48 ½'' and the right side strip is 20 ½" x 48 ½''.
I cut these length of fabric to avoid piecing.
The 8 ½'' background strip +  20 ½'' center column + 20 ½''  background strip = 48 ½'' (when sewn together)
This makes the Simple Baby Quilt a 48 ½'' x 48 ½'' square.  
To Review
Ingredients for the Simple Baby Quilt from Modern Quilt Relish
4 fat quartersCut a 6 ½'', 3 ½'', 2 ½'' and a 1 ½'' strip from each. They can be cut either along the 21'' length or the 18'' width. HERE are the directions for the strip sets.

Vertical spacer fabric (dark pink here): use 4 ½'' so ⅙ yard or ¼ yard. Cut 3 strips 1 ½'' x wof. Piece into 2 spacer strips 1 ½" x 48 ½".

Nondirectional background: 1 ⅞ yard.  2 strips 6 ½'' x wof and cut them at the fold for strip sets. (You'll actually use a total of this 13'' + 48 ½", start with 1 ⅞ yards so you have plenty for length of fabric cuts described.) Cut an 8 ½" x 48 ½" length of fabric strip and a 20 ½" x 48 ½" length of fabric strip.  
The term nondirectional means that the print works when seen from any direction and therefore can easily be used in strip sets and background pieces without regard for orientation.
Perfect for a baby or toddler in your life!

Till Tuesday!!! Quilt Festival here we come!!!


  1. I LOVE this quilt! I think you made a great choice in the final fabric selection (the giraffe print is adorbs), and there is going to be one lucky baby snuggling with your blankie!

  2. That's a cute and beautiful baby quilt!! What a difference that "spacer" makes!!
    Great color choice too! Love it!!!


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