Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fabric For Your Thoughts Follow-up

Thanks for your comments.  We appreciate your views.  The winner, via the random number generator, is #2, PedalSewLightly!  Don't you love the name?  Please contact us with an address and we'll ship this cute charm roll off to your house.

Seems like the comments were quite varied as well as affirming of the previously posted study.  When Marny and I were at Houston Festival last fall, the audience appeared much as described; at least in age.  As baby boomers near retirement, their discretionary income seems to increase spending on hobbies.  Time and money together is something to look forward to.  That doesn't mean there aren't more younger quilters.  They may just have less money to spend and less time to sew and comment!

The internet has allowed all of us to become very resourceful.  Visually tempting fabrics and designs are readily available at our fingertips.  Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook are pushing forward to gain an even bigger (and somewhat different) audience. Fewer of us have land lines! And the neighborhood quilt shops still play an important role of support, education and immediate gratification.

Quilting is often elevated to an art form; improvisational and individual designs are an important statement of the maker.  We hope we can offer inspiration. We welcome any comments and suggestions to make our blog worth reading.

"Till next Tuesday...

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