Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick Channel Quilting

jill here... Time often moves a little too fast.  Usually, we're more than willing to take a break after piecing and send our quilt top off to the machine quilting expert!  This turn around was quicker with QuiltCon looming.  Nothing like a deadline to encourage finishing it ourselves!

Two rules for our novice machine quilting:  forgiving backgrounds (ones with lots of pattern/ texture) and simple, low contrast in the quilting thread to hide any breaks of perfection.  TV Dinners has a vertical presentation so vertical channels seemed the most obvious modern choice for quilting.  And the lines were a built-in feature (without having to draw any extra, except in the border)!

Since this is a sample display, fewer lines, irregularly spaced were stitched with a medium aqua thread.

The blocks of color on the back make it fun.

The binding was cut from the same length of fabric as the borders.  It must have been a lucky day as it sewed like butter and caught the backside of the binding just perfectly.

'Till next Tuesday...

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