Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Des Moines Modern Quilt Group Challenge + Charm Squares = Project Part 1

Bundle of six fat ⅛ths tied up.

All are text…some less directional than others.
One has a black background and one has a creamy background.
The rest are white backgrounds with black print.
Four 5'' squares of each of 4 colors from a
Dear Stella charm pack of  Zig Zags. 

This charm pack was unique in having so many of a single color. 
Each "block" needs 2 matching charm squares, and today's 
directions make 8 blocks.

I chose the black background fabric first because 
the bright zig zags really pop adjacent to the dark.
Cut two 1 ¼" x 21" strips and two 2 ½'' x 21'' strips to make eight blocks. 

Cut every charm square in half.

Yep, in half.

Seam one side of the charm square to the 1 ¼'' strip cut previously.

Chain piece four halves along the 21'' strip. 


Press, then seam the other half of the same charm square, 
cut edges aligned. (Pinked edges are to the outside.) This ensures directional fabric will be oriented correctly in the finished units. 

A unit with both halves seamed and pressed.

Now cut these units (only the ones with the 1 ¼'' strip inserted) 
in half cross wise.
Note orientation shown.

Two halves

Repeat sewing process with a 2 ½'' x 21'' strip and 
four remaining matching charm squares.
DO NOT cut them. You now have units to make four blocks.

Repeat the entire process through once more to make a total of eight blocks. 
Here is just one idea for assembling.  
More experimentation and playing will take place before Part 2 of this project is posted. The rules for the challenge are minimal, use some/all of the challenge fabrics, and the final project needs to be quilted. Where is this going? Making the "blocks" is really fun and somewhat addictive. How many do I need and for what? Hmmmm.

Till Tuesday

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