Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scrappy Backings

Spring is teasing us!

jill here..... A friend recently hosted a sewing get-together  to complete some charity quilts.  These quilts will be given to school age kids.  The photo shows the 2 "girl" quilt tops that were made from the Brioche and Baguette pattern.  One column and one row was added for additional size.  The quilt top measures 49" x 66" so the backings need to be 57" x 74 when sent to a machine quilter.

This is one of the focus prints.  Isn't it cute?  The white background really pops in contrast with the aqua sashing.

I started with a full width of fabric that was only 65" long (the cute little Monaluna bird print).  I had to bring it up to size by adding to both the length and width.  These two pieces were sewn together and trimmed to 10" x 57" wide.

The chevron print was cut width of fabric (x 2) and joined together lengthwise.

The "chevrons" were sewn to the trimmed width of bird fabric, leaving the selvedge intact on the left side.

To balance the weight of the aqua chevrons on the side, the birds were sliced again lengthwise and added to the other side of the chevrons. The birds are flying 2 directions but that's okay!

Then the back panel was sliced horizontally about 1/3 the way down and 10" piece inserted. Finally, the smaller cut was and flipped and sewn for visual balance.

The second backing was a different challenge.  I had several WOF colors that were trimmed various widths (here they are folded for easier handling) measuring them to bring it to the desired length.  Not to make my life more difficult but to create just a little more interest and variety, I trimmed some of the dark blue and inserted it into one of the yellows fabrics.  I eliminated the other yellow which will be used for the binding.

Once the widths were sewn together, I added 2 WOF chevrons to the side and trimmed the excess to fit.

I cut across the backing and flipped again for interest and balance.

 Here is one of the options.  Jackson is telling me it's time to come upstairs. 

Here's the second option.  Now it's really time to quit.  I think I like the first option better but I'll leave the decision for tomorrow.

Hope spring comes your way.  'Till next Tuesday.


  1. I like the scrappy backs but I never want to spend that much time making a back! I guess I am lazy so I look for older, not so fun fabric to fit. Although sometimes I have to piece several of them together. So I guess I DO do scrappy backs......LOL

    1. In many ways its getting 2 quilts for one (the second one being improvisational and much quicker)! And you only have to quilt one! jill

  2. Very nice quilt backing. I love the look of pieced backings (I just don't really like making them :)


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