Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Des Moines Modern Quilt Group Challenge + Charm Squares = Project Part 2

Marny here…time for Part 2. See Part 1 here
This is where we left off. Since this layout is cute, finishing seems right.

One thing to be aware of is these two units are not the same height,
therefore some trimming needs to take place to make the layout work.
Just ½'' is trimmed from all the taller units.

The two middle rows are pretty straightforward now that they are trimmed.

Units in the middle rows are sewn.
(Just rows are sewn, the rows are not sewn to one another yet.
They need background pieces sewn to their sides/ends still.)

Note the ends of the rows do not line up exactly.
The rows need to be staggered just a bit to keep 

the dark verticals where they belong.

A "background" fabric is now starting to be incorporated.
It is a black with mutidirectional white ovals.

2 ½'' wide background pieces were sewn to four short pieces
bringing them up to size, and makes sewing by rows possible.
See above and below.

More background pieces added. 
The narrow strips are 2 ½'' wide and long enough to extend beyond the interior rows. The two inserted between the color units 
in the top and bottom rows are 2 ½'' x 6 ½''.
The eight "square" background pieces are all 4 ½'' tall, 
four are 5'' wide and four are 4 ½'' wide.
The rows are ready to complete and be sewn to one another.
Hopefully Part 3 will have a bag well underway! (It was 83 degrees here on Monday, not a time for sewing, it was a time for enjoying the brief promise of summer.)
Till Tuesday…cooler weather is returning so…

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