Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Want a Piece of Me?

Pieces of one another!

Jill's aqua, purple and gold.
jill here...I recently returned from a quilt retreat with a 10 year Chicago connection!  What fun to get together with friends, sew a lot and share quilting ideas and projects.  Since we were ahead on our charity contributions, we decided to challenge ourselves: "You Want a Piece of Me?".

The assignment, if we chose to participate, was to create a small composition (one dimension of the piece must be 9 1/2" unfinished) in the recipients choice of colors, in the style of the maker's choosing that would be recognizable to others.  My choice of colors was aqua, purple and gold.  One friend created a negative/positive design that I was lucky enough to receive three different combinations, thus the three similar blocks.  How we choose to finish/display them is up to us!

Here are some of the other blocks!

Janis' grey, cream, turquoise and black.

Sharon's aqua, blue and peach.

Anita's blues, greens, purples in bright, saturated hues.

Kathy's blue, rust and cream.
As you can see, once we had some of the main colors, we were free to add in others to our liking.  It was a stretch to create a block for another in our style, hoping they would like it.

We're going to try it again next year with a different theme, yet to be decided.  Any suggestions?

'Till next Tuesday...

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