Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quilt idea, hit or miss?

Marny here…

Pursuing an idea can be hit or miss (success or failure).

Remember this "block" created from charm squares? It got stuck in my mind. Questions started popping up. Wonder if these were made as true blocks and placed on plenty of background? Could I strip piece without waste? What about proportions within the block?

And then I thought of Nelson bubble hanging lamps. Take a look here to see what I am thinking. They look lovely hung together, but they are proportioned differently from one another. Hmmm. Is it worth trying?

Strip Set 1
Cut one dark line 1 ½'' x 21''
Cut two medium green 5'' x 2 ½''
To get started cut two segments at 2 ½'' intervals.

Strip Set 2
Cut one dark green 2 ½'' x 21
Cut two medium green 4 ½'' x 21
Cut one  3 ½'' segment for now

The three strip set segments stacked. It is blocky.
 Time to add "curves" and thereby reference the Nelson bubble lamps.

Cut four 2 ½'' squares of background.
Mark corner to corner on their wrong sides.

Stitch to either end on the pencil lines

Trim ¼'' from the stitching line. Note the correct side of the stitching line for trimming.


Pressed open. Repeat for other 2 ½'' segment from Strip Set 1.

Seam to Strip Set 2 segment. In this picture it is the 3 ½'' segment.

Here is an 8 ½'' Strip Set 2 segment is used,
along with two 2 ½'' Strip Set 1 segments as before.

Hmmm. Not so sure about this.

Fiddling time.

Extending the line, simply vertical?

Extending the line as a path through the shapes?
The possibility is intriguing, but by no means a sure bet.
I really won't know if it is a success or a failure until I make more blocks and play around with them. And even if it is a "failure", the idea itself may payoff in the long run. Solutions sometimes show up way down the line when your mind is busy looking for answers to different questions. Or sometimes it is a "failure" that helped you understand or expand an idea. Trying is worthwhile.  

Till Tuesday…

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