Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some great quilt fabric!

Marny here…in the midst of hurrying to finish up all the details, quilts, pattern writing and printing, etc. that takes place before a wholesale Quilt Market. Here are two fabrics I am working with today. Just two you ask? Yep!
Take a look at this simply wonderful fabric from 
Alexander Henry's Folklorico group.
Every cut is different from the next.
It is a perfect example of how a single fabric can provide
the variety and interest of several different fabrics.

It is really fun to use fabrics that differ even more than this 
one across their repeat. Look for them in your quilt shops. 
Here is the selvage edge. 
Casa Azul by the De Leon design group with Alexander Henry.  
Also working with a yummy slightly coral pink from Art Gallery.
It has a wonderful "hand" and finish. Great fabric.
See how each square brings something different to the table?
Trimmings from blocks following our upcoming pattern!
We'll be sharing the pattern as soon as we can. Promise.
Gotta run and finish the quilt top!
till Tuesday…


  1. Those are fantastic fabrics. The quilt is going to be wonderful. So full of gorgeous colors.

  2. Wow! That casa azul is so busy, I didn't think I would like it at all, but it looks great paired with the coral pink from Art Gallery. That's amazing how different it looks. Excellent choice!


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