Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Market Discoveries

jill here....The best aspect of market is the people and the connections...its sort of like going to a quilt retreat to accomplish way-to-much quilting but it's the participants that make it memorable. 

 I met Cheryl Phillips, the creator of the "Cut A Round" slotted ruler.  I first saw Cheryl and her ruler on Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts (remember?).  We used her ruler for our Dinner Plates Sew Along tutorial. which is archived. We've enclosed a template in our pattern but you could use a slotted ruler such as Cheryl's.

 This is the ruler that was helpful in cutting multiple sized circles or arcs.  

Cheryl's redesigned rulers for even larger sized arcs and circles.
The medium and large sizes are required for the correct sizes of  "Pie".

Cheryl also gave me another did she know I had just the leftover
  scrap challenge that would be solved with her invention?

This is the arch leftover from the Pie crust background.  We give instructions in the pattern on how to piece some of the leftovers: this arc will provide the solution to use every little scrap!

The inner arc is recut to allow the pieces to fit together perfectly!

There are even notched ends to allow for the matching of seam allowances.

Pieced scraps that will be utilized in a creative backing.

Thanks, Chery.  It was great to meet you.  'Till next Tuesday...

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