Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quilt UFO seeking attention

Marny here...the time has come. (I hope)

Does this happen to you? You finish a top and then the quilting decisions stymie you? Fresh fabric wants to be cut and pieced and you move on? It happens over and over to me.

I can date this Wave Project UFO to June 2011. Read about it here. It was set aside because the quilting decisions overwhelmed me. You can imagine that over a period of four years it got totally buried in a basket with other ideas/projects stacked on top. When I wanted to see it again a couple of years ago I couldn't find it anywhere. Magically it reappeared earlier this spring.

The Monk Upstairs brought the whole project back on my radar this week. Tim Farrington's imagery made me long for warm Hawaiian sand and the beauty of ocean waves arriving on shore. The memories of sand and surf lingering in my mind will help me get through the quilting! I hope.

Vertical or horizontal?

Wave patterns are fascinating. A 9th grade oceanography field trip to watch incoming waves encounter wharfs, reefs, shallow depths, wind, etc. has come back to me too! I'm trying to capture a bit of my history in this Wave Project. 
We'll see...
Decisions need to be made concerning the final orientation of the quilt and whether to use straight or curved quilting lines or both. And then I better dive right in!

Till Tuesday...


  1. I have a box of projects that suffer that same fate you described!

    1. For me it certainly seems like part of the process of quilting!

  2. I like it horizontal - it feels more like an ocean scene - love to see quilting that reinforces the idea of waves - however THATs done LOL!!!


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