Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clothes or Quilts?

jill here.... You'll know I'm a baby boomer when I tell you I learned to sew in jr.  high home ec. classes and made most of my own clothes through high school/ college.  Dresses, skirts and more dresses because we couldn't wear pants to class!  Can you relate?  Boy, those were the dark ages.  I made a few dresses for my daughter  when she was little but when she pulled and tugged to get them off (and downright refused to wear) I said NO more with things that had to fit.

Part of the reason I started to quilt was there was no fitting involved (well at least in the end).  I despise alterations and hemming but I do them if absolutely required.  Sadly, there are some elements of found clothing that still have tags on them.  So when I saw these cute patterns at market a year ago, I did a double it really worth my time to attempt another "fitted" dress for my granddaughter(s)?  This pattern is fairly unstructured so I bought it and put it on the back burner.  I needed a fun project  so I picked it up last week and went shopping for some cute girlie fabric.

The Cottage Mama Daphne Wrap Dress and Top

Carrie Bloomston's of Such Designs for Windham Fabrics "Paint".
We used this same collection in our latest  child TV Dinner.

Cute little dots for the yoke and lining form Michael Miller fabrics.

I also had to find the perfect color of piping and buttons...not an easy task! With fabric laundered and ready,  I READ the instructions (really, I had to read the instructions with good pics to guide me).  Once I figured out the pattern pieces, traced and cut the right size, I was ready to sew with lots of prep.
Freezer paper patterns.

Lining side up of the little wrap dress.
Piping, curves, clipping, flipping and edge stitching....
So you can see that "Paint" is a border print.
This is the back.
Front view of the dress, bottom holes/ buttons yet to be completed.
Look like a smiling purple monster?

So I'll send it off to check out the fit!  Keep you posted.  'Till next Tuesday...

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