Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pie, Pie and More Pie

jill here....  We just shipped this one off to the retail display in Sisters Oregon!  The annual July outdoor show is on my bucket list.  Guess just the quilt will have to work for now.

Sweet "Pie" in bright pastels, throw size.

 We have our "Pie" class at the Quilting Connection this coming Saturday.  There are just a few spaces remaining!  We're looking forward to seeing former customers/ friends and meeting some new ones too.

Close up view of the "Whole Lotta Bubbles"  pantograph
designed by Urban Elementz
Our pattern  gives instructions on how design the remaining cuts.
It's the perfect improve opportunity for an interesting back.

We'll share a whole class full of ideas next week!  'till next Tuesday....


  1. Love it! A whole lot! I might just see one in my future. I did just get that curve master foot from mass drop, you know........

    1. The really good part of the construction is that you don't even need a special foot! In truth, I did not have to rip our one curved seam it's so easy (but i keep at least 5 seam rippers handy just in case!) jill

  2. This quilt is wonderful. I like the interrupted circle form, the layout of the circles and also the quilting. And I forgot to mention the color choice... That is a really tasty pie. I am looking forward to the pictures next week.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. It really is a fun pattern and we look forward to seeing all the different fabric selections in class. jill

  3. On that trip to Sisters Quilt Show - do it now! You will never regret it. I've gone twice and yearn to go again. Sew Great Tours out of Nevada IA has done this trip several times. I have not gone to Sisters with them but Houston and Paducah. I like that they take care of the logistics and you have the fun.


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