Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jane Sassaman's Leaf Dance Fabric from Free Spirit

jill here...One of the best parts of quilt market is meeting creative designers face to face.  Jane Sassaman is truly a wonderful quilt artist and a very nice person! She grew up in Ames, Iowa and is an ISU graduate, but we would have liked her anyway!  One of her books, The Quilted Garden, is inspirational for any artist regardless of the medium.  Her journey is honest and  accomplished.

The Quilted Garden published by C and T in 2000.
We've always admired her designs in quilts and fabric: they are colorful, graphic and bold in scale. When we spied her new line Leaf Dance we instantly fell in love.  Free Spirit was very generous to share....

The periwinkle collection of Leaf Dance.
I had been experimenting with a block design that I thought would be perfect using 2 color ways.  When the fabric arrived, I changed my plan.  The fabric is complex and sophisticated; the MQR pattern design needed to be simpler to feature the beautiful fabric textures and prints.

An absolutely wonderful stripe, coral textural, and dots....
used in the supporting roles!

Larger scaled organic shapes, oak leaves and wonky equalateral triangles...
used in the featured rectangles.

 Experiments using the stripe (2 different color ways )
 separated with a white background...

ultimately too distracting.

 A glimpse of the finished product ready for submission....

'till next Tuesday....


  1. We have to wait a week for the finished product???

  2. Yep, gotta wait. We'll keep you posted as to where it is publicized! j


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