Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transparency for Quilters Part 2

Marny here...with half of the color & value transparency workshop we held last month for the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild. Refer here for the first post. Special thanks to Eva, Karen M., Deb, Karen P., Jill M, Kristen, Karen S., and Diane! This time we used the easy and flexible Crispy Wonton block from our book, Quilts du Jour.

5 values of a warm analogous color scheme

5 values of a cool analogous color scheme.
Love the sunny ocean palette!

5 values of an analogous color scheme.
Orchids anyone?

5 values of a cool analogous color scheme, looks like an angry sea in spots.
5 values of an analogous color scheme, ferns and new leaves!

Three values, addition of stripe mixing the light and dark to make "dark",
all lighter than the background. An interesting direction.
Work in progress, experimenting with values and prints and layout.
It was a good learning experience for everyone! 

Eva's final layout, beautiful matchstick quilting added.
A shout out to Jacquie Gering's
Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot class on Craftsy.

Till Tuesday...

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