Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Des Moines Modern Quilt Bee, month 1

Marny here...I've joined my very first quilt bee! Our Modern Group within the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild is having a bee! Leila is the first one up. 

She has chosen Bubbles from aylin-nilya. Paper piecing here I come. 

Leila provided these greens to be included in the four blocks
that build into a single 'bubble'.
Here are the low volume backgrounds Leila chose.
My pile of greens to add in as needed.
Low volume (?) backgrounds.
Some might be easier to fit in than others.
I'll share my finished blocks in a week!

In the meantime, here is another "project" I've been working on. I need to sit less.  

I generally get all the steps I need, along with cardio and weightlifting hours every week. But now I am very aware sitting is being compared to smoking in its detrimental effects on your health.  Here is a simple and very readable article on the risks of sitting too much from James Levine at the Mayo Clinic. 

My Fitbit HR keeps track of the 250 steps within an hour, lets you choose which hours you want to monitor, and provides a visual report.

Interestingly, even though I had plenty of steps through the day I didn't reach my target of having the minimum of 250 steps every hour. Trying to reach perfection has made me very aware of time passing with me sitting still.
Of course there are hours you will not be able to take steps; driving, dining out, movies, etc, etc. I am just trying to make myself aware of time passing without my moving. 
Here I took fewer steps overall, but, I managed to get the 250 steps
in each of the 14 hours I monitor.
Do your health a favor and examine your own sitting durations. You might be surprised. I was. You can do it easily with just a watch and a pedometer! Time for me to get moving!

Till Tuesday...

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