Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Des Moines Modern Quilt Bee, Block 1 complete

Marny 15" Bubbles block (block 11 in the pattern) is complete! It feels good to have had a refresher on paper piecing. The first quadrant took MUCH longer than the fourth. Maybe that proves I can still learn.

Leila offered a link to a great video on paper piecing. I'm going to share it here too.

The following is how the video is described on YouTube. "Karen Johnson, of Connecting Threads, teaches you the most common version of Foundation Piecing - usually known as Paper Piecing. Achieve perfect points on tiny blocks with just a few easy tips."
A design wall is very useful for reminding the sewer what needs to be included!

Paper piecing set up. The mat, postcard, Add a Quarter ruler, scissors, 
and unseen rotary cutter are all for moving forward. 
The scotch tape and seam ripper are for those "redo" moments. 
Oddly enough, my most challenging quadrant was my third one. Go figure.
Remember larger needle and tighter stitches!

Pinning to join two paper pieced quadrants. The paper side is pretty
slick against the feed dogs so a little pinning pays off.

I think it turned out really cute! 23 pieces in each quadrant, so 92 pieces in the block. Luckily it didn't seem like that many since there is no precise cutting or challenging piecing and trimming! Can I hear bit of applause for paper piecing.

Till Tuesday...

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