Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Morsel Maze Followup

jill here...Well it's Tuesday again.  Don't know what happened to the week but I was bent on finishing the wallpaper inspiration.  Visiting granddaughters next week will keep my sewing time to a minimum.  I'll be playing dress up and swimming; a nice trade for warm summer days!

All those little bits looked like morsels
lined up in a maze.

Graphic lines in dappled summer light.

As you can see from last week's post that the block
was symmetrical diagonally.  Three by three blocks
(9 in total) gave me an asymmetrical layout.
Back to the layout board for some changes.

The symmetrical design as it panned out.
Four blocks central in a mirror image,
additional line surrounding that square,
 then 2 blocks split in half to the outside is how the
quilt was finished.

The corners feature three smaller squares.

On the deck rail...

The one leftover block was incorporated
into the back.  It was quartered then arranged
into a design similar to Baby Bites.

 I  wised up and signed one of the blocks as a label; it saved me the time later.  Just had to remember to make sure the placement landed in line with the finished front.

I had lots of ideas for the quilting but when it came down to time, I opted for the familiar.  It's just an over all meander in a very neutral thread.  The binding was the little orange elephants.

Hope you're enjoying summer. 'Till next Tuesday...

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  1. Oh, honey, I ALWAYS piece my label into the backing. I HATE label sewing almost as much as binding sewing.

    I do so love your Morsel Maze. It turned out so wonderfully


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