Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Creating Focus with a Nod to Nature

Marny here...home again folowing two wonderful weeks in Hawaii! 
A small selection of the numerous June flowers
blooming in a lush garden on Kauai.
Hanging Heliconia
Chartreuse, yellow, red and pink glow in the evening
light against the multitude of greens and browns.
I hope you can see the
fabuous pinks and reds working together!
The flowers grab your attention and pop even though they 
are nestled within the monochromatic background of leaves 
in competing shapes, sizes, and values.
The flower's colors are in contrast to it all.

So one lesson to be learned is a small pop of color on either a monochromatic or analogous background will get attention. 

The pieced large blocks in Supper Club have just a little pop 
of red-orange to add a bit of interest to the overall quilt
and to each individual block. 

Red-orange really pops because it is the complementary 
color to the blue-green analogous color scheme.

Nature shares lots of lessons, we just have to take a peek and learn.
Till Tuesday...

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