Friday, September 16, 2016

DSM Modern Group Notebook Exchange

jill here...  Last night was our DSM Modern Group notebook exchange.  This was so much fun.  The participants were assigned a secret recipient with a just few requests...the size, preference for color and fabric design, avoidance of any color and special likes.

These are a few of the many different creations.

My recipient stated she likes Tula Pink fabrics and
ROYGBIV gradation...doesn't like purple or dull colors.
 My process was going through my previous drawings
so that I didn't have to completely reinvent a design.
I adapted a sketch with transparency

This was my creation for Eva Marie.
The background was a Tula Pink grey.
The transparency colors were in my stash.


Label on the inside on Tula Pink Fabric....
covering a very pink spiral notebook!

This was my gift made by Emily..Love it!
The Albers elements make me very happy
and it's the perfect size to pop into my purse.

The full out transparency.

And inside was Carolyn Friedlander' fabric and
a special Fireworks treat.
The little "This took forever" label can be used at my discretion!

Thanks, Emily

'till next week.....

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